Kent Grosswiler: Overcoming your own worst enemy...you

As a recovering alcoholic, drug addict, and former career criminal, Kent Grosswiler’s perception of self often times kept him at bay in discovering his true ability. Now a moderately successful artist, writer, and drummer, he is discovering the joy and satisfaction that comes from overcoming internal barriers and his willingness to accept his efforts as worthwhile and rewarding. His goal is to share his story in the hopes to motivate and breakdown people’s internal perception of themselves.

Carole Dorn-Bell: The brewing civil rights issue with literacy

Carole Dorn-Bell’s journey with dyslexia began with the clinical diagnosis of her eldest child, Elizabeth. Inspired by the isolation and difficulty of Elizabeth’s struggles coupled with her own struggles in trying to help her daughter, Carole saw the profound and unmet need for a network of parents and children. Her goal is to identify these students earlier, provide proper remediation, and watch them blow the roof off of achievement while, at the same time, saving schools money.

Del Sroufe: Protein and the myth we're fed

Tell anyone that you eat a plant-based diet and the first question they often ask is, “Where do you get your protein?” It’s a question that Del Sroufe has heard too many times. This plant-based chef and best-selling author will analyze the perceptions that many have about the plant-based diet.

We have been told by those in charge of our nutrition standards, and by our doctors, nurses, and dietitians, that a good quality protein must come from meat or dairy. Del’s talk will focus on that and shed some light on the perceptions that come as a result of that statement.

Brad Hurtig: Finding a way to do more with less

At a young age, a devastating accident resulted in the amputation of both of Brad Hurtig’s hands. In the blink of an eye, the perception he had of himself was changed forever. No longer was he a star athlete at his local high school. No longer was he a hands-on person. Through an inspirational coach, Brad was able to realize that he could accomplish more than he ever perceived possible. Often times the perception of self is the most difficult one to change.

Dr. Marlene Carson: The injustice you don't see

Dr. Marlene Carson wants you to know human trafficking. She wants you to see it as so few people do. Dr. Carson is not only the voice of the victim but the voice of the victor inside each of the women desiring to make a change. Her zeal has created a vision that is unique in its application and effective in its efforts to reach victimized women, remove them from their abuser, and provide a safe environment to regroup and rebuild.

Ben Sears: Finding compassion in crisis

Ben Sears has a very unique and rare opportunity. He is part of a team whose primary function is building relationships with the homeless and underserved in Columbus. Through this opportunity, Ben will give us a behind-the-scenes look at the reality and struggles that many face along with the joy of seeing great success.

Dr. Jonathan Groner: Children and guns: A surgeon's perspective

Dr. Jonathan Groner is a professor at The Ohio State University and a pediatric surgeon at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He became interested in firearm injury prevention after caring for several children who were victims of firearm trauma. In his experience, there are few areas of public policy where there is a greater difference between the perception and the facts than firearm trauma. From the perspective of someone at the front line of firearm trauma, Dr. Groner will share and compare the perception with the data.

Pat Kerrigan: The redemption of overpaying a debt to society

As a formerly incarcerated felon, Pat Kerrigan's goal is to help other returning citizens in their re-entry efforts, utilizing his skills and experience as a lawyer, judge, college professor, politician, and active community leader. The perception of the ex-offender and their re-entry into civilian life is an uphill battle. Pat hopes to change some of those perceptions through his talk.

Crissy Lauterbach: The power of the written word

Crissy Lauterbach is a veteran teacher with a penchant for handwriting. Her journey with the written word started when she found out her brother was charged with murder when she was a senior in high school. Seeing words handwritten on a page creates a visceral reaction in humans. Crissy will explore how the power of writing a letter can be used to uplift, to heal, and to gain self-awareness through the lens of a teacher, scared teenager, grieving daughter, and hopeful woman.

Marica Phipps: Battered Not Broken: The journey of redemption after abuse

Marica Phipps is a survivor of domestic abuse. Through her experience, her faith and patience were tested many times as she navigated through layers of the judicial system, overcame her internal struggles, and supported the healing process of her children’s journeys. Through her talk, she will address the societal perception and logical belief that abuse is a random, uncontrolled act where the person has no control over their violent behavior. Marica’s goal is to enlighten others regarding the many complexities and misconceptions attached to domestic abuse from the point-of-view of a survivor. 

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