Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor
Relational Millionaire
Carol Taylor’s grandmother was the strongest and smartest woman she’d ever known. She would tell Carol that home was where it was safe to fail. Carol had a home that was safe. Full of hugs, laughter, and love. Not all kids have that experience. When kids live in unsafe neighborhoods, when their homes are loud or chaotic, their brains are changed. They may get stuck in fight/flight/freeze mode. When this happens, they can’t learn. So where can these kids find home? Where do they find a safe place to fail? Carol’s hope is that it’s in schools. Her passion is to help adults have that inspirational moment that changes their view of children. She wants to get educators excited about teaching and facilitate experiences within the classroom that allow children to love learning and build resiliency so they can be successful adults.
Walter Armes Learning Center
at Whitehall-Yearling High School
675 S. Yearling Road
Whitehall, OH 43213
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